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DIY (Dance it Yourself): Dance Survival Kits

Have all these earthquakes got you on edge?  You can never be too prepared for the next disaster—dance disaster that is!  Build your very own dance survival kit

Your standard dance kit for extra-long rehearsals, workshops, and classes should include these basics:

Tiger balm: I don’t know what they put in it. Hopefully not actual tigers…
  • Band aids are a must for blisters and rubs.
  • Tiger balm for sore muscles.  You can buy it at your local drug store and save yourself a world of pain.
  • Shoe laces, elastics, ribbons, or whatever else keeps your shoes on your feet and not all over the dance floor.  Your local dance store will have them by the bundle, but you can save a bundle by going to a craft store.  
  • Screw driver – a must if you’re a tapper with some screws loose.  They have all sorts of nifty mini screw driver kits at dollar stores that are the perfect size to slip into your dance bag.
  • Sewing kit–whether you need a little extra thread, or a safety pin to hold you together
  • Bobby pins and hair elastics
  • Aspirin
  • Snacks!–Everyone has their favorite power food, whether it’s a Cliff bar, trail mix, or a little bit of sugar.
  • Extra water bottle–you can either a tiny one small enough to slip into your dance bag, or large enough to keep you set through the Apocalypse.

For shows and auditions, pump it up with additions:

  • An extra pair of tights–because if you’re anything like me, you’ll only remember
  • Double sided tape
  • Lipstick and mascara
  • Make-up wipes
  • Hot glue—you never know when your shoe is going to fall apart at the worst moment.  When that moment comes, you have hot glue.

If you really want to pimp out your bag, add these few extras:

Mini Rollers
These are super handy to roll out sore muscles–and they’re much smaller than a foam roller!
  • Mini massage roller–you can get small ones at Target that are perfect size for on the go
  • Theraband–find it at your local dance store, or online.
  • Potpourri bag–because your dance moves may be pretty, but the smell coming from your dance bag is not.


Six Unlikely Items You’ll Find in a Dance Bag

Dancers have all sorts of odd things in their dance bags.  My car, for example, will never entirely be free of glitter, bobby pins, and the occasional fake eyelash that escapes my makeup box every now and again (it’s always only one eyelash–and it’s terrifying every time).  There are some items that you expect every dancer to pack in their dance bag, but here are a few items you might not expect:

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions – Do you ever hate dancers for having picture perfect hair even after a six minute dance break?  You can hate them a little less; it’s one of the many illusions that dancers have naturally perfect hair.  Dance competitions switch extensions almost as often as Lady Gaga does.

Epsom salts – Dancing has a lot of great health benefits, but long hours of holding your leg in front of your face or spinning on your head can be tiring on your body.  Dancers beat the pain by taking epsom salt baths, which help leech the soreness from muscles.  If you’re ever sore, take a page out of our dance manuel: it’ll work wonders!


Tennis Ball for DogsTennis balls – If the salt bath hasn’t done the trick, then it’s time to break out the tennis ball.  Tennis balls are usually used on feet to help roll out sore arches and improve the line of the foot.  They’re also great at working out tight knots that the salt bath didn’t take care of!


Screwdrivers – If you’re a tapper, nothing is more indispensable than a screwdriver, some extra screws, and a broken toothpick.  Tap shoes often lose their screws, and a crushed toothpick can add the extra FRICTION to keep your shoe in place.


Fitness with elastic band

Lambswool – Ever wonder how ballerinas manage on pointe for hours at a time?  Dancing on your toes isn’t a walk in the park, but many dancers use lambswool to pad their toes against the pain of the floor.  Gel pads, tape, and plastic pads are also commonly used to guard feet from the unforgiving floor.

Leotards – Chances you already knew that many types of dancers wear a leotard at some point or another.  The weird thing is that something that something so unattractive is still in use.  Leotards show everything–not just that extra serving of fro yo from last night’s dessert, but sweat stains (both old and new) are also fair game.