You Know You’re a Dancer When…

After four hours of filming in pointe shoes on Friday night, my legs were aching, my feet were bleeding, and I walked like an eighty-year-old escapee from an assisted living community I could think of was:


You may think I’m crazy, but any dancer knows that feeling.   There’s something incredibly satisfying about pushing yourself to the edge of what you think is possible for yourself, and surpassing it.  Every muscle ache, every blister, every sweat stain is proof that you pushed past the ugly obstacles to create something amazing.

The truth is, being a dancer can be a pretty unglamorous lifestyle, and you can feel like a little bit of a freak because you find people sitting on you really relaxing.  But every so often, I see someone walking like a duck down the street, and you know they’re a dancer when…

…you know what a hairnet is, and use one regularly.

Stretch - Hairnet
People always think that I’m pulling out my actual hair when I take a hairnet out. Last time I checked, my hair does not have elastic in it.


…you rock out to the music playing in the grocery store.


…your car and washing machine will never be completely full of bobby pins


…you tell the pedicurist NOT to remove your callouses.
you OWN at Dance Central (DDR is a little harder…unless you’re this guy)


…you can tell what kind of dance someone does by their muscle tone

Stretch _Dance muscles
Break dancers tend to have very defined arms and abs, while salsa dancers have awesome shoulder and calf muscles. Ballet dancers have long, lean leg muscle tone.


…you have tons of options for Halloween costumes already in your closet


NOTHING stops you from getting to dance class, even getting your wisdom teeth out


…you dance like no one’s watching, even when people are.


Don’t forget to keep your eye out for Stretch’s new pointe video, coming soon on our YouTube channel!

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