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Dance Where You Least Expect It

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet in the past few weeks, Virgin Airlines’ new safety video must have clogged up your newsfeed at least four times by now.  What I love about this video is how Virgin has integrated dance into something as mundane as buckling your seatbelt, and it got me thinking…what other unusual situations are dancers pop and locking up?


Here are just a few to get you started:

On a train…


Flash mobs AND Julie Andrews?  What more could you want from a dance routine?

Out Shopping…

Stretch - Arianna-Bickle
From http://www.dancersamongus.com/photos

Dancers Among Us is a photography project by Jordan Matter.  Matter was inspired by the storytelling abilities of dancers and their complete commitment to the worlds they create in the mundane.  His photos combine the extraordinary beauty of dance in ordinary surroundings.

On the street…in roller skates

Roller skating is a pretty common pastime.  Tapping is a little less common, but not unheard of.  But tap dancing in roller skates?  Only Gene Kelly can make something make roller tapping look as natural as walking.

On top of a car…

Ever gotten bored while waiting for your gas tank to fill?  Why don’t you take a leaf out of this guy’s book and take a little spin on the roof of the car?


Synchronized Swimming

They might get made fun of for their sometimes terrifying makeup, but synchronized swimming is no joke.  Swimmers train both on land and off to make their routines picture perfect and worth their salt!

Down some stairs…

If anyone else besides James Cagney tried this, they would end up with a broken neck, but he doesn’t even seem to have broken a sweat.


What other examples of dance in unexpected places have you come across!  Feel free to chime in on the comments or on our Facebook page!